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Character Animation: Baby Fred - Making of PDF Print E-mail


Year 2001
Cologne, Germany
Job type
Employee at plan_b media ag, teamwork
Position Digital artist, generalist
Task 3d character animation, modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, coding, pipeline
Maya, 3d Studio Max, Pulse 3d, Move Tools, Photoshop, Inhouse Tools and Scripts

Baby Fred is an interactive character, who performed on the internetportal of Genie.de and Bild.de.

I developed a workflow for this project, that made it possible to animate the character in Maya, export the animation to 3d Studio Max and from there to the 3d web authoring system Pulse 3d. rennanzug.jpg
FBX wasn´t implemented in those days, so i wrote some MEL and 3ds Max scripts, that allowed a lossless data exchange.

Furthermore, i did a lot of character animation, lip sync (manually), as well as the implementation of the animation in Pulse 3d.



All content shown with permission of  CLANMO GmbH - A MindMatics Company.
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